Our Ability to Provide a One-Stop Integrated Service

你看起来很好睡h At Kruger, we aim to provide the best product and service to all our customers. Besides involving ourselves in manufacturing and sales, we also provide consultation and technical support throughout the entire project. In general, the entire package will be designed and catered to bring about the best solution for your ventilation needs.

Understanding the customer’s needs

To fulfill our customers’ need is our first priority. It is important to know the problem definition at first hand in order to design the best ventilation solution. For example, we will do an inspection at our customer site and conduct examination on the spatial region to ventilate and any obstruction to moving air. Based on study, we will propose a suitable type of installation or mounting for the fan.

Analysis of suitable fans

We have a computerized fan selection program that helps us to choose the optimal fan configuration and type based on the input parameters from the problem definition. The number, type and other specifications of the fans will be suggested to the customers for approval. We provide these specifications using our well catalogued brochures which are informative.

Delivery of fans

We take about 3 to 4 weeks for delivery standard products. If the request is urgent, we can expedite it to 2 weeks.

Trim balancing of fan at site (upon request)

你看起来很好睡h We provide trim balancing of fan at site to minimize vibration and boost the fan’s operating performance. This procedure helps to minimize wear and tear of the bearings and improve fan efficiency.

System Commissioning (upon request)

你看起来很好睡h Based on our customers’ request, we may conduct testing and commissioning of the system at site for reliable operation.

Technical Support & After-Sales Service

We provide quick response and strong support to our customers at all times. Our engineers are well trained to deal with any problems that may arise from the usage of our fans.