Research Overview

At Kruger Research Team, we strive to promote research and development advanced to bring forth a new wave of technological products and services that will improve the quality of our ventilation solutions. We embrace the arrival of this century with new hopes and ambitions that we will bring to the globe, world-class ventilation systems that are of excellent standard. We have a team of highly specialised engineers in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics, structural analysis, design and optimisation, fan testing, as well as failure and destructive testing. We also believe in having inter-disciplinary research that will help propel our knowledge of fan related technology.

Overview of Current Research Capability

Presently, our Kruger Research Team enjoys a high reputation in the turbo-machinery and ventilation industries. Within a span of seven years, we have achieved good research records of accomplishment and pioneered many categories of ventilation fans that have been deployed in buildings located in various countries all over the world. In addition, we also have our own in-house fan testing laboratories, which include three testing chambers for testing various fan types and sizes.

Our research team has recently developed in-house state-of-the-art technologies such as the data acquisition and control system for fan testing using field point equipment, and the Fan Performance Graph Publisher, which form part of the support components for some of the process workflow in our Fan Testing Program. A significant step that we have undertaken is the development of technical publications to prove our research ability and interest. There are ambitious, but feasible plans, to expand our research capabilities. We have formulated our strategies and designed a systematic approach to achieve our goals.

Kruger Research Team has recently launched a new research programme with the objective of expanding its research capability to meet competitive long-term goals. The organisation recognises the programme as a critical support component that will help maintain itself as a regional leader in fan and turbo-machinery products manufacturing in the long term. We hope to hold more conferences in the near future to share our success with our customers and industrial leaders in related fields.

Our Mission

To establish Kruger Research Team as a key department in Kruger that provides quality research and engineering facilities for the development of new product series of ventilation systems, and contributes towards expanding knowledge in fan technology.

Aims and Objectives

Kruger will continuously improve its technology to build high efficient fans at low cost and pricing. We aim to bring the best value to our customers and at the most reasonable price. Besides expanding our product series to provide a fuller range of services, we aim to improve them along the way. In addition, we believe that participation in science and technology will enable us to advance our fan technology and contribute to research and engineering of better fans.