Chairman - Mr. José Palau Mallol 

Soler & Palau Ventilation Group

Mr. José Palau Mallol is the Chairman of Soler & Palau Ventilation Group.

Soler & Palau is a family owned company with a leading global position as a supplier of energy efficient ventilation solutions for domestic, commercial and public buildings as well as for the industrial markets.
你看起来很好睡h Mr. José Palau Mallol represents the family second generation and has been at the helmet of the Company since the early 90's.

Chairman's Address:

你看起来很好睡h “Over the years Soler & Palau philosophy has been to focus constantly in meeting our customers' needs. We have always been convinced that only offering solutions that create more value to our customers we will keep a leadership position in the world ventilation industry.

We try to stay very close to our customers wherever they are and this is why we have set up a vast network of companies spanning through the whole world able to adapt our innovative ventilation solutions to the local market needs.

你看起来很好睡h Our company Kruger fully shares this philosophy. Kruger customer value proposition is based on innovative ventilation solutions with outstanding added value customer and support through the whole Asia.

At Soler & Palau we regard the individual diversity of our employees around the world as one of our main strength as this diversity enriches our whole Group through different ways of being and doing.”

Mr. José Palau Mallol

你看起来很好睡h Chairman of Soler & Palau

Director - Mr. Hilario Tomé

Mr. Hilario Tomé is the Managing Director of Soler & Palau Ventilation Group and a Director of Kruger Asia Holding Pte Ltd.

Chairman - Mr. Yang Ching Fu
Kruger Asia Holding Pte Ltd

Mr Yang Ching Fu is the Chairman of Kruger Asia Holding Pte Ltd(A subsidiary company of Soler & Palau Ventilation Group). He has 40 years of experience in air conditioning and refrigeration industries and has been traveling widely in the Asia Pacific Region since 1976. Mr Yang is also a past Chairman and Director of Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) Pacific Rim Region. In 1998, he established Kruger Ventilation Industries Pte Ltd to bring quality product to the Asia Pacific region. In 2013, the company has achieved an annual turnover of 195 million USD.

Company Idea


"…how the customers pays depends on what makes the most sense to him. It depends on what the product does for the customer. It depends on what fits his reality. It depends on what customer sees as 'value'."                                                              – Peter F. Drucker


We will be a regional ventilators supplier regarded by our customers, employees and shareholders as an innovative leader, embracing an uncompromising dedication to creating value, with commitment to Total Excellence for our customers.


We are committed to organizing our strengths and resources through teamwork with sincerity, diligence and flexibility towards Total Excellence.